Updating firmware for router

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Finding Your Router's Address (Windows)Finding Your Router's Address (Mac)Installing Router Updates Updating an Air Port Router Community Q&A Updating your router firmware can help improve connectivity and keep your router secure.It is always recommended to install the latest available updates to keep your network safe and efficient.This becomes a much smaller risk when a cable is connected directly from the router to the computer you will be using to update the firmware.We released new firmware (software) for the Bright Box router in April 2015. You don't need to do anything - we'll automatically update your router between the hours of 4am - 6am.It also can't be removed like you can with software.Don't update your firmware unless you think it is necessary.So you have a wireless router that has been quietly serving Wi-Fi to your household for many years? Chances are, if you answered yes to either question, you may not have upgraded your router’s firmware in quite some time.If you have, congratulations, you can stop reading this article right now, if not, read on.

The computer world is growing fast and to keep up it becomes necessary to update your router firmware periodically.

In some cases new firmware cannot support a backup file of the older firmware.

If this is the case, you will need to reconfigure the router manually.

If you turn your router off at night, you may like to leave it turned on.

If not, don't worry - we'll also be updating routers during the day after a couple of weeks.

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