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The non-North Dakota photographs in this collection belong to the Associated Press and cannot be copied. Gove would quickly sell out his interest and move to the West Coast. See also obituary tapes in desk in large envelope, 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00024 Yablonski, Joseph A. Florence Enderlin (back left) North Dakota Democratic Non-Partisan League officer 1970 --Rhode, De, Enderlin (ND) --New Town (ND), 1970-1971 2009-P-010-00037 Wallace, George, 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00038 Clifford, Bob --I-94 Highway --Roger Hardy --Walter Hjelle, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00039 Johnson, Warren (Reverend), 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00040 Shultz, George Secretary of Labor 1969, 1970 2009-P-010-00041 Nordquist, Timothy Morton County Assistant Agent, Mandan (ND), 1973/06/06 2009-P-010-00042 Christensen, Walter North Dakota Treasurer 1964-1968 Administrative assistant to Governor Guy 1968, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00043 Glen Ullin (ND), 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00044 Lindsay, Mayor John n.d. Grand Forks Agsco, Grand Forks (ND), 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00073 Young, Milton R. Kleppe, 1969 2009-P-010-00074 Bismarck Airport Feature pictures, Bismarck (ND), 1969/04/26 2009-P-010-00075 Guy, Governor Bill with Ben Meier-Secretary of State at the Civic Basketball game --Governor Guy with Ronnie Joersz --Joersz, Ronnie with Governor Guy see Governor Guy, Bismarck (ND), 1970/02/23 2009-P-010-00076 Dockter, Wallace President of AFL-CIO 1964, 1969 2009-P-010-00077 Fay, Teri Bismarck High School Arion (Music Award-1969), Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00078 Precinct Map, Mandan (ND), n.d. deceased 1974, 1970 2009-P-010-00095 Darling, Roy, Assistant police chief of Mandan --Kitchen, Clayton Police chief of Mandan (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00096 Ashley, Thomas L. D Ohio --Stark, Walter (Salvation Army), (OH), 1969-1973 2009-P-010-00097 Staley, Orin Lee National President of National Farmers Organization (NFO), 1969 2009-P-010-00098 Sundahl, Bruce, 1969 2009-P-010-00099 Longmire, George State Senator-Grand Forks, Grand Forks (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00100 Hagen, Bruce, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00101 Rusk, Dean Johnson's Secretary of State, 1969 2009-P-010-00102 Wilhite, Irvin Photo used 2/24/70, 1970 2009-P-010-00103 Mitchell, John Attorney General, 1969 2009-P-010-00104 Grussing, Reverend Roger, 1969 2009-P-010-00105 Postovit, John 1970/10/00 2009-P-010-00106 Mac Mullen, Reverend John L. S., 1969 2009-P-010-00108 Johnson, President Lyndon B., 1969 2009-P-010-00110 Aiken, Sen. Donald NDSU Agriculture Education Department Head, 1969 2009-P-010-00117-01 Dorgan, Byron L. Office manager, 1971 2009-P-010-02590 Goetz, Gordon Line Superintendent, 1971 2009-P-010-02591 Sailer, Eldora cashier-receptionist, 1971 2009-P-010-02592 Schulte, Harold Center (ND), 1971 2009-P-010-02594 Rockenbach, Warren Fort Clark, 1971 2009-P-010-02595 Becker, Herbert, New Salem (ND), 1971 2009-P-010-02596 Heth, William Beulah (ND), 1971 2009-P-010-02597 Rasch, Eldor Hazen (ND), 1971 2009-P-010-02598 Unruh, Ed Zap (ND), 1971 2009-P-010-02599 Isaak, Ernest Dodge, 1971 2009-P-010-02600 Taylor, General Maxwell D., 1971 2009-P-010-02601 Leimbach, Elmer C., 1971/07/07 2009-P-010-02602 Kuntz, Bonnie Miss Rodeo North Dakota, 1971/07/07 2009-P-010-02603 Balaguer, President, Dominican Republic, 1971 2009-P-010-02604 Malik, Adam Indonesia Foreign Minister, 1971 2009-P-010-02605 Raymond, Art n.d. 2009-P-010-02607 Court, Margaret (left) --Goolagon, Evonne (right), 1971/07/04 2009-P-010-02608 Ferris, Larry W., 1971/07/03 2009-P-010-02609 Schrenk, Arthur A. (Admiral) Chief of Naval Operations (fourth from left) --Westmoreland, Gen.Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references. 2009-P-010-00045 Flasher (ND), 1970/02/15 2009-P-010-00047 Carlson, Eddo --Dressler, Ralph --Hetherington, Malcolm E., 1970/02/13 2009-P-010-00048 Maddock, Marguerite, 1969 2009-P-010-00049 Andrews, US Representative Mark 1969 2009-P-010-00050 Stockstad, Arnold J. A., 1970 2009-P-010-00064 Stewart, John (Jack) Morton County Agent, Mandan (ND), 1970 2009-P-010-00065 Smith, Ed North Dakota Farmers Union, 1969 2009-P-010-00067 Gandhi, Indira, 1969 2009-P-010-00068 Means, Marion Mandan, Mandan (ND), 1970 2009-P-010-00069 Weiler, Robert American Oil, 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00070 Ulmer, Mrs. 2009-P-010-00079 Gilbreath, Ray, 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00080 Mills, William C., 1970/02/00 2009-P-010-00081 Childs, Marquis, 1968 2009-P-010-00082 Bayh, Birch Senator of Indiana, 1969 2009-P-010-00083 Russel, William R., 1969 2009-P-010-00084 Nielseu, Paul, 1969 2009-P-010-00085 Scarff, Mark T., 1968 2009-P-010-00086 Burdick, Sen. See also Metcalf, Senator Lee, 1965 2009-P-010-00087 Brandt, Willy German Chancellor, 1969 2009-P-010-00088 Jacobson, A. President-Amerada Hess, 1970 2009-P-010-00089 Mc Govern, Senator George see also Burdick, Senator Quentin, 1969 2009-P-010-00090 Dunn, A. also see Iverson, Irving, 413, 1969 2009-P-010-00091 Mc Carthy, Senator Eugene, 1969 2009-P-010-00092 Meir, Golda --Ryan, Pat see also Mrs. Mandan, Mandan (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00107 Oppegard, Howard N. Tax Commissioner, Bismarck (ND), 1972 2009-P-010-00117-02 Dorgan, Byron L. Future Farmers of America (FFA) Supervisor, Morton County (ND), 1971/07/02 2009-P-010-02610 Gravel, Sen. William (Army chief of), 1971 2009-P-010-02621 Byrne, Hugh E., 1970 2009-P-010-02622 Buttons, Red, 1970 2009-P-010-02623 Busby, Jr.The 1972 DCI, Volume 2 Erosion Records / Topsoil Records #17)t 1992 Topsoil 1992 023 #18)t 1993 Topsoil 1993 001 #20) 1993 Musket: A Wisconsin Compilation #21) 19?? Depot: A Wisconsin Compilation Folkways Records #01) 1956 Wolf River Songs 4001/1001 Fox/Wolf Rivers Environmental History Project #48) 1998 The River Rocks Great River Folk Festival #45)t 1998 Music From The Heartland Local Sounds # )t 2005 Local Sounds, Vol. --- They lost their original domain name, and a porn site took it over. 1 narration (by Ken Anderson or Natalie Sandburg) #48.

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with a per-person donation of a nonperishable food item for the Second Harvest food bank of Milwaukee.

The collection was originally accessioned as 84AV004 Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection. A second generation of the Tostevin family continued operations and ended its 54-year ownership of the paper until sold to Pioneer, Inc. The new corporation formed by the Conrad brothers, Currie, John G., Charles O. Lee Enterprises eventually purchased the circulation. Until that time, it had achieved the notarity of being North Dakota's fourth oldest newspaper. Terrence Mary College Instructor, 1971/07/16 2009-P-010-02552 Nyquist, Brother Paul D.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Source: Mandan Historical Society ( 2015 PHOTOGRAPHS INVENTORY Item Number/Description/Date 2009-P-010-00001 Morrison, Robert, January 1970 2009-P-010-00002 City of Bismarck, southside view, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00003 Lowry, Wanda Lou, 1969 2009-P-010-00004 United Power Association Plant, 1969 2009-P-010-00005 Aerial views of Mandan (ND), 1967 2009-P-010-00006 Unidentified 2009-P-010-00007 Missouri Valley YMCA (site of) Air Shot --Missouri Valley YMCA architect sketch, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00008 Center Power Plant #1 see also Minnkota Power Cooperative and Milton R. Young Station see also Center Power Plant #1 and Minnkota Power Cooperative --Minnkota Power Cooperative Artist's Conception see also Center Power Plant #1 a, 1969 2009-P-010-00009 Fraine Barracks, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00010 Aerial from Southwest, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00011 Bismarck Junior College, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00012 Bismarck High School, Bismarck (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00013 Mandan High School, Mandan (ND), 1969 2009-P-010-00014 St. Mary College Instructor, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/16 2009-P-010-02553 Wolf, Rev. Mary College Instructor, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/16 2009-P-010-02554 Moore, Rev.

“That was crazy.” Sylvan Esso’s beat-maker Nick Sanborn told the Village Voice after the show.

“I don’t know how to put stuff like that into perspective…

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